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Switch to an IP PBX


An IP PBX also known as an IP Telephone System consists of one or multiple SIP phones, an IP PBX server and (optionally), a VoIP Gateway

Easier to install & configure than a traditional PBX phone system:

An IP PBX runs as software on a computer and can leverage the advanced processing power of the computer and user interface as well as features. Anyone proficient in networking and computers can install and maintain an IP PBX. By contrast a proprietary phone system often requires an installer trained on that particular system, and this can come at a high cost.

Save money and increase margins by using VoIP providers:

With an IP PBX you can easily use a VOIP Provider (yes we do VoIP, but if you find a better deal on VoIP from elsewhere, we're still here for you to help you manage your PBX if you need us). You can use VoIP for long distance and international calls. The monthly savings are significant. If you have branch offices, you can easily connect phone systems between branches and make free phone calls.

Eliminate vendor lock in:

IP PBXs are based on the open SIP standard. You can mix and match any SIP hardware or software phone with any SIP-based IP PBX, PSTN Gateway or VoIP provider. In contrast, a proprietary phone system often requires proprietary phones to use advanced features, and proprietary extension modules to add features. We won't try to lock you in. We will help you get the best solution for your business and work with any other providers you choose to help you get everything working the way YOU want it to.

Scales with your business:

Proprietary systems are easy to outgrow. Adding more phone lines or extensions often requires expensive hardware modules. In some cases you need an entirely new phone system. Not so with an IP PBX. A standard computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions – just add more phones to your network to expand!

Twice the phone system features for half the price:

Since an IP PBX is software-based, it is easier for developers to add and improve feature sets. Most VoIP phone systems come with a rich feature set, including auto attendant, voice mail, ring groups, and advanced reporting. Unified Communications features are included, to support presence, video and audio conferences and free calls via the data network. These options are often very expensive in proprietary systems.

As flexible as your team needs to be:

Hot desking, roaming and telecommuting are increasingly common across all business spheres, the process of being able to easily move offices/desks based on the task at hand, has become very popular. Unfortunately traditional PBXs require extensions to be re-patched to the new location. With an IP PBX the user simply takes his phone to his new desk – No patching required!

Users can roam too – if an employee has to work from home, he/she can simply fire up their SIP software phone and are able to answer calls to their extension, just as they would in the office. Calls can be diverted anywhere in the world because of the SIP protocol characteristics.

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